Žuljana, Croatia – a hidden gem with beautiful beaches

Imagine a place far from the hustle and bustle of the city, where you can hear the sound of the sea, buzzing cicadas, and jackals howling in the evening. A bay surrounded by green hills, where the sea has lovely turquoise color and there are many secret beaches along the coast as well as small islets that you can explore by kayak or boat. In this beautiful bay, there is a small village Žuljana, which is a hidden gem of the Pelješac Peninsula, Croatia.

Žuljana, Croatia - a hidden gem on the Pelješac Peninsula with beautiful beaches

The village of Žuljana is a hidden gem on the Pelješac Peninsula, Croatia

I spent two wonderful weeks in Žuljana, kayaking, discovering secret beaches, tasting local specialties and wine. It’s a relaxing place where you can forget about the whole world and enjoy the beauty of nature. I would like to tell you about this village and show you the pictures I took there. I hope to inspire you to visit the part of Croatia that is still a bit underrated and off the beaten path.

Žuljana, a hidden gem on the Pelješac Peninsula

The sea in Žuljana Bay has beautiful teal color

Žuljana Bay with its unbelievably beautiful turquoise sea color

Žuljana is a small harbor village on the Pelješac Peninsula, in southern Croatia. It is located about 80 km from Dubrovnik and 40 km from Korčula Old Town. The settlement was first mentioned in the 12th century and was probably named after the church of Saint Julian, which was located here. Currently, the village has a population of about 200. The residents are involved in agriculture, fishing, and tourism of course. The main attractions of Žuljana are beautiful beaches, diving spots, bicycle, and hiking paths, as well as organic food and excellent wine.

Things to do in Žuljana, Croatia

There are about three restaurants in Žuljana, a pancake bar, two shops, and a bakery. One might think that there is not much to do here, but this is not true. Both families with children and couples, lazy beachgoers and those who like to spend time actively, everyone will find something for themselves in this beautiful village. What are the best things to do in Žuljana, Croatia?

1. Visit the best beaches in Žuljana.

In my opinion, Žuljana has the most beautiful beaches on the Pelješac Peninsula. To be honest, this is the main reason why we stayed here and that’s why I call this village a hidden gem. The map below shows where are the best beaches in Žuljana. Some of them are easily accessible, others can only be reached by boat or sea kayak.

The most popular is Vučine Beach, which is considered one of the best beaches in Croatia and on the Adriatic coast. The bay is surrounded by dense pine forest and the sea has a beautiful teal color here. Underwater caves in Vučine Bay attract diving enthusiasts, and the shallow banks make it also a great place for families with children and non-swimmers.

Grdni Do Žuljana, the best secret beach on the Pelješac Peninsula, Croatia

Grdni Do Žuljana, one of the most beautiful hidden beaches on the Pelješac Peninsula

Vučine beach is beautiful, but the bay is quite extensive and there are usually a lot of people here. If you prefer smaller coves, the nearby Kremena Beach will be a better choice. The beach is hidden in the shade until noon so many people come here to read books or just relax from the heat of the sun. The sea here also has a beautiful color and it is quite a nice place for snorkeling too.

Žuljana, a sandy beach on the Pelješac Peninsula, Croatia

Žuljana, a sandy beach in the center of the village

Žuljana Beach is located in the center of the village, right next to the port and is easily accessible. The banks are very shallow and there is fine sand at the bottom, so no water shoes are needed. But if you prefer more secluded bays, you should pass the pitch and follow the path along the shore.

Naturist beach FKK in Žuljana, Pelješac, Croatia

Naturist beach FKK in Žuljana, Croatia

Secluded secret beach in Žuljana, Pelješac, Croatia

Secluded beach accessible from the sea, Žuljana, Croatia

There are many small beaches here, but some of them are not easily accessible. In my opinion, the most beautiful beach is Grdni Do Žuljana, which is partly an FKK beach. You can reach it from the sea or climb down the rocks holding the rope. It’s quite steep here so I do not recommend this place to families with children or people who are afraid of climbing.

Exploring the secret beaches in Žuljana, Pelješac, Croatia

Secluded beach in Žuljana which we reached by our kayak

2. Explore the coast and islets on a sea kayak.

Some of the best beaches in Žuljana can only be reached from the sea so it is good to have a kayak, pontoon or boat. Exploring the coast from the waterline is a nice thing to do. You can discover secret coves that are not even marked on the map and few people know about them, as well as reach small islands that are not accessible from the mainland.

Kayaking and exploring the secret beaches in Žuljana, Croatia

Exploring secret beaches by kayak is one of the best things to do in Žuljana, Croatia

The bay of Žuljana is quite shallow and the sea is very clear here, so you can see what’s under water. This makes kayaking or boating even more exciting. It is a picturesque area, where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. The coast is covered with dense pine forests and in some places, it is quite steep and unreachable for hikers, so you can easily find secluded beaches just for yourself.

In Vučine Bay there is one of the best beaches of Croatia and two islets: Mirište and Kosmač, Žuljana, Croatia

In Vučine Bay there is one of the most beautiful beaches of Croatia and two islets, Mirište and Kosmač

You can paddle towards Trstenik where there are a lot of small beaches hidden under the cliffs. It is also a good idea to explore Vučine Bay, where there are two islets: Mirište and Kosmač. The islet of Kosmač, covered with olive and pine trees, is a nice place to snorkel. There is a tiny beach here where you can admire beautiful landscapes, inhaling the smell of Mediterranean vegetation and listening to the buzzing cicadas.

Kayaking in Žuljana at sunset, Pelješac, Croatia

Kayaking in Žuljana at sunset was an unforgettable experience

When you pass Rt Lenga, you’ll reach two beautiful beaches that are only accessible from the sea. You can also visit the island with the lighthouse, which is called Lirica. Further on, towards Prapratno there are only pristine bays and beaches that are Croatia’s best-kept secret.

3. Dive or snorkel in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea.

One of the best things to do Žuljana is diving and snorkeling. The sea is shallow, very clean and has a beautiful teal color. You can watch coral reefs and very interesting underwater life here. What’s more, there are many underwater caves and passages that are simply breathtaking, as well as six shipwrecks sunk at depths of 15 to 45 meters that are waiting to be explored.

Grdni Do Žuljana Beach, one of the best beaches on the Pelješac Peninsula, Croatia

The sea around Grdni Do Žuljana Beach has a beautiful turquoise color

If you are interested, there are local diving centers in Žuljana, which offer is addressed to both beginners and advanced divers. It’s worth a try because underwater landscapes are amazing here!

4. Enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets on the Pelješac Peninsula.

Žuljana is one of the best places to watch the sunsets on the Pelješac Peninsula. At the end of the day, many people come to sit on benches near the pitch and post office to enjoy this beautiful spectacle of nature. The sun sets in the sea, and the sky and water delight with their colors. You can see the outline of the island of Lastovo on the horizon, as well as Mljet and Korčula. This view is simply breathtaking!

Pelješac at sunset, view from Žuljana towards Trstenik and Korčula, Croatia

Pelješac at sunset, view from Žuljana towards Trstenik and Korčula

Kremena Beach at sunset, Žuljana, Croatia

Kremena Beach at sunset, Žuljana, Croatia

The beaches of Kremena and Vučine are also nice places to watch the sunset in Žuljana. You can see here fisherman boats drifting at sea which looks very picturesque. For me, however, the most beautiful memory is kayaking at sunset in a calm sea. Buzzing cicadas and howling jackals could be heard from the nearby forests, and the smells of pine and Mediterranean herbs were simply stunning.

5. Try organic food and local wine.

Žuljana is a small village, but a small market and a greengrocer have everything you need. You can buy organic fruits and vegetables from the garden, olive oil, honey, and local wine as well as all other food products. In the morning there is also fresh fish on the stalls and delicious bread in the bakery.

Organic fruits and vegetables in Fjaka OPG, Žuljana, Croatia

Organic fruits and vegetables in Fjaka-OPG, Žuljana, Croatia

Old stone house in Žuljana, Pelješac, Croatia

In Žuljana you can buy excellent local wine

Local olive oil is one of the best things to buy in Žuljana, Croatia

Olive oil is one of the local products of Žuljana

When it comes to restaurants in Žuljana, there are about three or four of them. I mostly ate in Tamaris, because I liked the atmosphere of this place and I could enjoy the sea view while eating delicious black risotto, mussels or fish with very tasty grilled vegetables. Nevertheless, I think other places are also worth visiting, especially the Fjaka-OPG family farm, which has very good reviews. If you want to eat something sweet, there is also a small street bar where they make pancakes.

6. Explore the village and nearby natural areas by bike.

If you like to spend time actively, a bike trip will be a great idea. Žuljana is surrounded by picturesque green hills and forests, so exploring the village and nearby natural areas on two wheels is a real pleasure. There are very scenic bike paths above the Bay of Vučine, where you can enjoy beautiful views of Žuljana.

Exploring the village by bike is one of the best things to do in Žuljana, Croatia

Exploring the village by bike is one of the best things to do in Žuljana, Croatia

You can also go deeper into the village where there are fields, vineyards, and olive groves. Take a look at the interesting rock formations on the slopes of the hills while you are there.

7. Hike to the Sveti Ivan mountain.

Most tourists visit Žuljana because of its beautiful beaches, but it is also a great place for hiking. If you like mountain trips, be sure to go to the top of Sveti Ivan (469m) where you can admire the breathtaking panorama of the Pelješac Peninsula, as well as the islands of Mljet, Lastovo and Korčula. Down below is Žuljana and the Bay of Vučine with its turquoise sea. From Sveti Ivan, you can also see Trstenik, Orebić, small islets near Drače and Sreser, as well as the Croatian coast on the opposite side of the Pelješac Channel.

Vučine Bay and Sveti Ivan mountain (469m), Žuljana, Croatia

Vučine Bay and Sveti Ivan mountain (469m), Žuljana, Croatia

The trail from Žuljana to the Sveti Ivan mountain is about 5 km long, so it takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to get there. The beginning of the route is above the campsite in the Bay of Vučine. You can see the trail in the photo above. It is not difficult, most of it is a gravel road, followed by a short section of a rocky path to the top. Tip: Go to Sveti Ivan early in the morning to avoid the heat.

Where to stay in Žuljana, Croatia?

There are no hotels in Žuljana, but you can find accommodation in a private apartment or room. In my opinion, this is a much better option because it provides some authentic experience. Instead of sitting in an anonymous hotel room, you can talk to the locals, learn about the village and what life is like here. This is really cool. Some places also offer accommodation with a full board which is a good opportunity to try the specialties of the local cuisine. There are also at least two campsites in Žuljana: Sunce and Vučine.


The place where we stayed in Żuljana was Apartament Polje 4 and I highly recommend it. The apartment is on the ground floor, has a large terrace and garden for own use so it is a great place for families with small children. The host speaks perfect English and is a very nice, helpful person. I felt welcome there and enjoyed my stay.

What to see near Žuljana?

Žuljana is a great base for exploring the most beautiful places in South Dalmatia. I recommend you go on a day trip to Dubrovnik, which is only 80 km away. Along the way, be sure to visit Ston (25 km), which is famous for the largest walls in Europe and the oldest operating salinas in the world! The restaurants in Ston serve excellent oysters and mussels, so it’s worth having lunch here before continuing your trip.

Another interesting place to see on the way to Dubrovnik is Arboretum Trsteno (62 km), which is a beautiful Renaissance garden with exotic plants and fountains. I’m sure that Game of Thrones fans know this place because it is one of the locations where the series was shot.

Top 10 things to do in Korčula Town, Croatia

Korčula Town, one of the most beautiful places to see in Croatia

Although I liked Dubrovnik, Korčula Town completely amazed me! In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful places in Croatia and a must-see. To get here you need to go to Orebić (30 km) and take the passenger ferry that goes straight to Korčula Old Town. Read more: Top 10 things to do in Korčula Town, Croatia. When you are back in Orebić, be sure to take a walk along the seafront promenade where beautiful captain’s houses are.

Žuljana is located more or less in the middle of Pelješac, so it’s a good place to explore the peninsula with its charming villages, vineyards and beautiful beaches. Read more: Things to do on the Pelješac Peninsula, Croatia. You can also go on a boat trip to Mljet, which is the greenest island in Croatia and explore its National Park with two salt lakes and the small island of St. Mary.

What is Žuljana like? Is it worth visiting?

‘You probably did good research to find out about Žuljana. It’s a hidden gem! ‘ our host Slaven said when we got there. To be honest, we didn’t have any big plans to visit this village. It happened a bit spontaneously. We were supposed to go to the island of Hvar, but at the last moment, we changed our minds and decided to visit a place we had not yet been to, Pelješac Peninsula.

The turquoise sea color and beautiful landscapes make Žuljana a hidden gem of Pelješac, Croatia

The turquoise sea color and beautiful landscapes make Žuljana a hidden gem of Pelješac

The most popular destination on Pelješac is the town of Orebić, but we were looking for something completely different. We just bought a sea kayak, so we wanted an interesting coastline, secluded beaches, small islands. Žuljana, with its shallow turquoise sea and lovely coves, seemed to be the perfect place for us.

When we reached Žuljana, it was raining, a strong wind was blowing, the sky was gray and everything seemed to lose its colors. Somewhere over Trstenik I even saw lightning and waterspout on the horizon, so you can imagine how crazy the weather was. Perhaps my first impression was far from delight, but believe me, I quickly changed my mind.

The playing field and turquoise sea in Žuljana, Croatia

The playing field and turquoise sea in Žuljana, Croatia

We passed the playing field, drove through the village and turned into Polje, where our host, Slaven, was waiting for us. I have to say that I have already been to several places in Croatia and all my hosts were very nice people, but nowhere did I feel as welcome as in Žuljana! When we entered our apartment, on the table was a jug with freshly squeezed pomegranate juice and a plate with sliced fruits. It was all so delicious and refreshing! After a few days on the way, we came to a place where we felt almost at home. Unbelievable.

A beautiful old stone house in the center of Žuljana, Croatia

A lovely old stone house in the center of Žuljana, Croatia

I went out onto the terrace, drinking a delicious pomegranate juice. Looking around I concluded that I have never been to such a green place in Croatia. Maybe it’s about palm trees and other exotic plants in the garden, the smell of flowers and herbs, or the humid air after a storm, but I felt like I was somewhere in a tropical paradise. I was surprised because the landscape was completely different than in other places in Dalmatia that I visited. The green hills surrounding the village looked like somewhere in Vietnam or another Asian country.

Žuljana, a hidden gem in Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Croatia

Žuljana is located in a green valley surrounded by picturesque hills

As the storm passed and the sun appeared in the sky, the colors around became vivid and intense. We went to the center of the village, walked along the port quay and found the path to Kremena Beach. It was September, so the sea was pleasantly warm and the views from the beach were breathtaking. At this point, we felt that we had made a great decision choosing Pelješac and staying in Žuljana. This village was indeed a true gem!

Studenac market in Žuljana is a place where you can buy food and other products

There is a small Studenac market in Žuljana, where you can buy food and other products

As I already mentioned in this blog post, there are three or four restaurants in Žuljana as well as two shops and a bakery, so although it is a small village, everything is in place and you do not need to go anywhere by car to buy bread and other things. It is very convenient. What’s more, in the morning there was also a small market where you could buy fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables. But the funniest things were self-service stalls where you left the payment in the jar. The jar with money stood like that all day and nobody took it, so you can imagine how safe place Žuljana is.

Self-service fruit stall in Žuljana, Croatia

Self-service fruit stall in Žuljana, Croatia

Soon our host organized bikes for us so we could move around the village on two wheels. It was so cool! In the morning we used to bike to the bakery to buy bread and some sweet buns for breakfast, and by the way, we turned to the port to check if the sea is calm enough to kayak. I climbed a breakwater then and admired the wonderful view that stretched out from there. In the nearby Tamaris Bar, locals usually sat, drinking morning coffee and chatting with each other. Nobody was in a hurry, everything went its rhythm. This relaxing atmosphere of Žuljana made us chill too.

Sandy beach in Žuljana, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Croatia

The sandy beach and shallow sea make Žuljana a great place for children

The main reason why we decided to stay in Žuljana was that it seemed to be a great place to start our adventure with kayaking. The sea here is very shallow and you can see everything underwater. Thanks to that I felt quite comfortable and I was not afraid during our first trip along the coast.

Sunflowers near our apartment, Žuljana, Croatia

Sunflowers near our apartment, Žuljana, Croatia

Strolling along the breakwater in the port of Žuljana, Croatia

Strolling along the breakwater in the port of Žuljana

The small port in Žuljana is a place where you can eat and meet people from the village

The small port in Žuljana is a place where you can eat and meet people from the village

Žuljana is surrounded by green hills which makes it picturesque. The slopes are overgrown with a thick pine forest and once you leave the village you can feel as if you were exploring a wild and unknown coast. No houses, no car noise, just beautiful nature and small beaches hidden under the cliffs. One of our favorite places was Grdni do Žuljana Beach due to the unusual teal color of the sea and surrounding landscapes, but we only stayed there for a moment and kayaked further looking for more secluded coves.

One of the beautiful secret beaches in Žuljana, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Croatia

One of the beautiful hidden beaches in Žuljana, Croatia

Sometimes we changed our course and sailed to Vučine Bay where there were two tiny islets. One of them, Kosmač, even had a small pebble beach. It was fun to get there and walk around, enjoying the smell of pine trees and listening to the buzzing of cicadas. If we didn’t have a sea kayak, this place would be inaccessible to us.

Travel blogger looking at the village and beach of Žuljana, Croatia

Looking at the village and the beach of Žuljana

Boats in the port of Žuljana, Croatia

Boats in the port of Žuljana, Croatia

One of my best memories of Žuljana is kayaking at sunset. The sea was very calm then, fishing boats drifted around and the outline of the island of Korčula could be seen on the horizon. If I were to mention the most beautiful things I saw in Croatia, this view would be one of them.

Grdni do Žuljana Beach, one of the best beaches in Pelješac, Croatia

Grdni do Žuljana Beach seen from our sea kayak

When the sun went down and dusk came, you could hear the howling of jackals from the surrounding hills. I’ve never experienced it before and felt like we were somewhere at the end of the world surrounded by wilderness. Indeed, the Pelješac Peninsula is still one of the unspoiled and greenest places in Croatia. I’m glad that I could be here, feel the atmosphere and see all this beautiful nature.

The aerial photo of Žuljana, Pelješac, Croatia

Aerial view of the bay and the village of Žuljana on Pelješac, Croatia

Pelješac is not only beautiful views and wonderful beaches, but also delicious food and wine. We tried local wine and liked it. Sometimes our host gave us a surprise and when we returned to the apartment in the evening, we often had fruits and a bottle of wine on the terrace. We stayed on the ground floor so we had a garden and plenty of space for our kayak. It was a great place and if we ever come back to Žuljana, we will choose Slaven’s house again.

Kremena Beach in Žuljana is one of the best places to watch sunsets on Pelješac, Croatia

Kremena Beach in Žuljana is one of the best places to watch sunsets on Pelješac, Croatia

When evening came we used to go for a walk to the port and usually ate something in Tamaris. This place is something between a bar and a restaurant, it is located by the sea and you can enjoy a nice view of the village from here. As I mentioned, I liked the mussels here, both in white wine and tomato sauce, but the black risotto was my number one. If you visit Žuljana, I recommend you try it.

Žuljana, a hidden gem in Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Croatia

Žuljana, a hidden gem in southern Croatia

I described to you what we usually did in Žuljana so that you would have some idea of what this place is like. I think it is a good destination for families with children because it is safe here, without busy roads and there are sandy beaches with shallow shores. However, this place will also be appreciated by everyone who wants to relax away from the hustle and bustle and all those who have a sea kayak, pontoon or boat. The coast here is really beautiful, there are many secluded coves and hidden beaches. So if you like quiet places with wonderful nature, Žuljana will be perfect for you.

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Žuljana, Croatia – a hidden gem with the best secret beaches on Pelješac

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  23 comments for “Žuljana, Croatia – a hidden gem with beautiful beaches

  1. Shane Prather
    February 27, 2020 at 10:41 pm

    Wow, I’ve never heard of this beautiful coastal town! I only made it to Dubrovnik while in Croatia, and while a darling little town… was a bit touristy and I appreciate these hidden gems! The water looks so unbelievably blue and inviting!

    • February 28, 2020 at 1:46 pm

      This water color is really unique. It looks a bit like somewhere in the Maldives. 😉 Dubrovnik is beautiful, but you are right that it is touristy and sometimes crowds of people can be quite overwhelming. Do you know any hidden gems in or near Dubrovnik? 😀

  2. February 28, 2020 at 4:46 am

    Just wow! After everything, I really didn’t realise you had it in you guys! I can honestly say that I’m deeply touched by your work ! I have never seen anyone put it in words and pictures so beautifully that I could almost taste and smell and most importantly feel our gorgeous little village! Well done both! Žuljana always had its ways to welcome good people with pure souls and open heart, and there will forever be a place for you on our little barbecue under the palm tree! See you soon!
    Your jolly host, Slaven

    • February 28, 2020 at 1:29 pm

      Hi Slaven! I hope you’re doing well. I am very happy that you enjoyed my blog post. The truth is, I just took pictures and wrote the text, but you are the author too. If we hadn’t stayed in your house, it is possible that I would never have created this post, or at least not in this shape. About 7 photos are taken exactly above your garden, so if your palm were so high ;), the view from it would be just like in these pictures. 😀
      Thank you for having us and making us feel so welcome. You are the best ambassador of this place. We hope to visit Žuljana someday and get to the secret beach! 😉 Take care, greetings to your family and Elsa.

  3. February 28, 2020 at 12:44 pm

    What a beautiful place! I’ve avoided Croatia in recent years because it has become so popular with tourists, but this actually sounds refreshingly authentic and calm. I’m personally not a fan of the pebble beaches in Croatia, but I would love to go snorkeling in those waters! It’s great that you can explore the surrounding area by bike and don’t need a car. And the local food and wine sounds absolutely delicious 🙂

    • February 28, 2020 at 1:53 pm

      You are right that Croatia has become very popular in recent years, but there are still places that are authentic and unspoiled. If you don’t like pebbles, there are also sandy beaches in Žuljana. 😀

  4. Jackie S.
    March 1, 2020 at 8:49 am

    This is my first time learning about Zuljana, Croatia. It’s a gorgeous place with the turquoise water and the super clean beaches. I love how you can cycle around the island and also go hiking! Would love to see the view from the top of Sveti Ivan mountain. How many days do you think would be a good amount of time to stay here?

    • March 2, 2020 at 1:44 pm

      Well, it depends on how you like to spend time and what you would like to see in the area. We stayed for two weeks in Žuljana and it was perfect for us. 🙂

  5. March 1, 2020 at 9:03 am

    What a beautiful place in Croatia. 2 years ago I did a road trip along the Adriatic coast but didn’t stumble upon Žuljana. It seems that I was so terrified about the always increasing prices and the hit of the tourist season that drove as fast as I could along the coast. I also did get food poisoning twice because they sold damaged food in restaurants only to get money so unfortunately I don’t have such fond memories as yours.

    • March 2, 2020 at 1:47 pm

      Žuljana is off the beaten path place and that’s probably why you didn’t get here. I’m sorry about your food poisoning. I have never had such a thing in Croatia, it is better to avoid typical tourist places.

  6. March 1, 2020 at 4:53 pm

    Wow! I’ve been to a few places in Croatia but I hadn’t heard about Žuljana – it does sound like a spectacular hidden gem! Your photos are stunning! I’d love to do the hike to the Sveti Ivan mountain – the panoramic views are gorgeous.

    • March 2, 2020 at 1:49 pm

      Thank you, Smita. I am glad that you liked my photos of Žuljana. 🙂

  7. Following the Rivera
    March 1, 2020 at 10:22 pm

    Croatia is a stunning country, and a place I want to see more of. The beaches are stunning in Zuljana too. I hope to return very soon one day!

  8. March 3, 2020 at 9:39 am

    This is such a beautiful place and exactly the kind of destination which we love. Honestly, I am in awe of the stunning photos in this post. Everything about this place is so charming and kinda earthy which really appeals to us. I have bookmarked this link for future reference. It was a great read 🙂

    • March 3, 2020 at 12:09 pm

      Thank you, Tamshuk. I’m glad you liked my photos and post. If you prefer quiet places where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, Žuljana will be perfect for you.

  9. Dražen Korda
    March 21, 2020 at 12:42 am

    Oh there is so much to explore in Žuljana. For example some 25 years ago you could still discern remains of the old Roman villa on that little peninsula opposite islets, I wander if it’s still there… But for a little better equipped rumblers I’d suggest to climb the hill opposite of St. Ivan (sadly I do not know the name of it). The way up is tough and not marked at all so you basically have to follow goat paths. Once on top there is remains of Roman road which was used by sheepherders up until some 50-60 years ago and stretches in typical Roman fashion in a straight line across Pelješac. Now it’s completely overgrown but it was fun to look for it and find it. But the view is absolutely stunning. On clear day, which is not rare, you can see large portion of Croatian coast, from Dubrovnik to Makarska and deep inland past Mostar in Bosnia & Hercegovina. Climbing in the morning is fine but if you **brave** the very late afternoon and stay on top for the sunset… wow! You literally can see how the sea curves as Sun sets in.

    • March 21, 2020 at 3:20 pm

      Hi Dražen! Thank you for your comment. Very interesting, if it is possible I would like to go back someday and explore these mountain areas as well as the coast between Žuljana and Prapratno. Sometimes I browse these places on Google Maps because this is the only way to travel now. It is a pity that you can not smell the forest and hear the sound of cicadas, but it’s better than nothing. 🙂 This is a really beautiful piece of Croatia.

  10. Randall Hamilton
    April 26, 2020 at 11:37 pm

    Turn right at Ston…head to the restaurant on the water (although, now with tour buses parked nearby); back on the road to the ferry to Korcula. I have done this many times, but as yet to discover the small villages along the way. i had hoped to this summer (2020), but the virus situation may make this season a no go.

    This part of the world is truly beautiful. i initially came to Croatia with the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation In Europe) as the head of office in Vukovar. Then down to Dubrovnik for eight months during the air war in Kosovo; then to Zagreb; back to the States; after 9/11 nearly 14 years of working the wars in the Middle East, Afghanistan, East Africa (Somalia, Sudan & Uganda).

    My Volkswagen T5 tdi camper van is in storage in Germany. This year the plan was to base in Ljubljana, then travel down the coast to places like in your blog. As mentioned, I have been to Korcula many times..last time 2017. Great pictures. Good luck

    • April 27, 2020 at 12:34 pm

      Hey, Randall! Indeed, this part of Croatia is really special. I liked the beautiful nature and all these unspoiled places. Nowhere before had I heard the howling jackals, only here. There is something amazing and magical in Pelješac.
      Your plan to travel along the coast is great! If you have any questions about the places I wrote about on the blog, feel free to ask.

  11. Milorad
    March 31, 2023 at 5:46 am

    I stumbled upon this blog by chance while showing our friends this place where I, my best friends and later my future wife spent many unforgettable summers many, many years ago. Žuljana was (seems like it from pictures) much much wilder and untouched place back then. I am talking about end of 70’s and throughout 80’s (yes, I am older generation) in Yugoslavia when Croatia was just one of the republics and we all didn’t care who was from where. We always stayed at my best friends camping place in the woods right above Velika Kremena beach. Talking about “away from beaten path” – the road to Žuljana from main road was not even asphalt. Many happy memories connect me to that magical place. If you like places like this, don’t miss to go there, Žuljana will give back to you. I miss it dearly. Thank you for the blog.

  12. January 8, 2024 at 8:00 am

    I am a travel lover but I have never been to beaches. This is such a beautiful place!
    I would like to explore the beaches. I will be the first to undertake this journey.