Świerklaniec Park, Poland – a beautiful autumn walk

Świerklaniec Park, Poland - the most beautiful park in Silesia in autumn colors

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful palace surrounded by fabulous gardens, which used to be called “Little Versailles”. It was erected in the 19th century by the industrial magnate Guido Henckel von Donnersmarck for his beloved wife, Blanca de Paiva, to make her feel here as in Paris, the city where she used to live. Although there is… Read more

Gliwice, Poland – autumn in my hometown

Gliwice, Poland – autumn in my hometown

Gliwice, my hometown in Poland. If someone asked me when is the best time to visit this place, I would say it is fall. In my opinion, all these wonderful autumn colors and soft golden light make the city look somehow different, more beautiful. Although I didn’t always like my hometown and still think there are better cities to live… Read more

Pelješac Peninsula, Croatia – the land of wine and jackals

Things to do on the Pelješac Peninsula, Croatia

They say that the Pelješac Peninsula is one of the greenest and wildest parts of the Croatian coast. It changes, of course, because every year more and more tourists come here. However, compared to other places in Croatia, this area is still off the beaten path. Before I got here, I heard many stories about beautiful beaches and hidden bays,… Read more

Mali Lošinj, Croatia – the pearl of the Kvarner Bay

Top 10 things to do in Mali Lošinj, Croatia

They say Mali Lošinj is the pearl of the Kvarner Bay and a premium tourist destination in Croatia. If I had to describe this city in a few words I would say that it is picturesquely situated, very aesthetic, neat, full of beautiful architecture and nature. Although Veli Lošinj was the place where I stayed, I also spent quite a lot… Read more

Veli Lošinj, Croatia – a beautiful small town in Lošinj Island

Top 10 best things to do in Veli Lošinj, Croatia

Imagine a small port town with charming, colorful houses reflecting in the waters of a narrow bay. Boats drift on the sea, swaying in the waves. You sit in a cafe, looking at the baroque facades of tenement houses, the church, and beautiful palm trees towering over the captain’s villas. There is a wonderful scent of white flowers and a… Read more

A virtual trip to cherry blossoms in Vienna, Austria

Cherry blossoms in Vienna, Austria

They say that spring always comes after winter. I know it might sound trivial but to be honest, this saying always gave me some hope and optimism when I needed it so much. It’s been a year since the last time I was in Vienna, but now it seems so unreal to me that I feel like I took all these photos… Read more

Žuljana, Croatia – a hidden gem with beautiful beaches

Žuljana, Croatia – a hidden gem with the best beaches on Pelješac

Imagine a place far from the hustle and bustle of the city, where you can hear the sound of the sea, buzzing cicadas, and jackals howling in the evening. A bay surrounded by green hills, where the sea has lovely turquoise color and there are many secret beaches along the coast as well as small islets that you can explore… Read more

Top 15 most instagrammable places in Croatia

Where are the best Instagram and photography spots in Croatia? If I asked you this question, I’m pretty sure that most of you would mention Dubrovnik and you are right, because it is very beautiful and most visited Croatian city. That’s why most of the photos from Croatia that you see on Instagram are taken right there. However, Croatia is… Read more

Top 10 things to do in Korčula Town, Croatia

Top 10 things to do in Korčula Town, Croatia

Korčula, one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Croatia and the probable birthplace of the famous explorer, Marco Polo. Some people call it a small Dubrovnik claiming that these two cities are somewhat similar. Well, maybe they are right. But I think what makes Korčula Town different and unique is its fishbone shape. I love visiting such towns so… Read more

7 things that surprised me when living in Vienna, Austria

Things that surprised me when living in Vienna, Austria

What surprised me the most when I moved to Vienna, Austria? I spent a year in this city and it was a very interesting time in my life, during which I learned a lot and broadened my horizons. Although Austria and my country Poland are actually in the same area of Europe, so they have quite a lot in common,… Read more