Walking alone in Vienna, Austria

Do you enjoy discovering new places on your own? Before I moved to Vienna lonely walks were something rather unusual for me and to be honest I hadn’t seen the point in hanging around the city with no one I could talk to or just to share the moment with.

Judenplatz, a real architectural gem in the center of Wien Innere Stadt

Judenplatz, a beautiful square in the first district of Vienna

Colorful facade of tenements in Vienna at Judenplatz, in the first district of the city

Historic tenement houses in the old town of Vienna

At the beginning of my one year stay in Vienna, when I was new in town and hardly knew someone, sometimes walking alone was the only opportunity to discover some new places, sights and all the attractions that the city offers itself.

Street Sterngasse in the first district of Vienna, Innere Stadt

Sterngasse, a beautiful street in the old town of Vienna

White facades of Viennese townhouses in the first quarter, Innere Stadt

Historical tenements in the first district of Vienna

Church of St. Stephen (Stephansdom) in Vienna, Austria

St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom) in the center of Vienna

Graben street in the first district of Vienna, Innere Stadt

Graben Square, one of the most important places in the Old Town of Vienna

I admit first time when I went for a lonely walk I felt rather awkward, but then I realized there are others like me hanging around with a camera, sitting alone in a cafe or reading a book in a park. Walking alone in Vienna had become something natural for me and soon I learned to like it.

Kohlmarkt, a pedestrian street in Wien Innere Stadt, where boutiques of exclusive brands are located

Kohlmarkt, a pedestrian street in the center of Vienna, where exclusive boutiques and cafes are located

When I was walking on my own I paid more attention to details and soaked up the atmosphere of Vienna. I could do what I want and go everywhere. The public transport was perfect and, what’s most important, I felt safe and comfortable in this city.

St. Michael's Wing, a beautiful part of the Hofburg Palace in Wien, Österreich

Michaelertor, the entrance gate to the Hofburg Palace in Vienna

Pink Manner bicycle in the center of Vienna, Austria

A pink Manner bike in the old town of Vienna

A charming architectural detail of the Albertina art gallery building in Vienna, Austria

An architectural detail of the Albertina Museum building in Vienna

A horse-drawn carriage with white Lipizzan horses on Michaelerplatz in Innere Stadt Wien, Austria

Lipizzaner horses at the entrance to the Hofburg Palace, Vienna

Everything in Vienna 1st district Innere Stadt was so fabulous: Hofburg, Stephansplatz, Graben, Kohlmarkt, Kärntner Straße, Albertina and all those squares and sights hidden in the labyrinth of narrow streets. Every time I discovered something new: charming small church, hidden passage, interesting architecture detail, tiny little café, cute shop window and so on.

Stairs leading to the Albertina art gallery in Wien, Austria

Stairs to the Albertina Museum in Vienna Innere Stadt

Erzherzog Albrecht Denkmal, Albertinaplatz, Wien

Archduke Albrecht monument in front of Museum Albertina, Vienna

I can’t get enough of Vienna. I don’t live here anymore but every time I go for a weekend there I visit my favorite places and still discover something new because the even whole year is not enough to know all the ins and outs. Exploring this wonderful city is a kind of neverending story.

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  8 comments for “Walking alone in Vienna, Austria

  1. February 29, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    Ewa, umawiamy się kiedyś na photowalk? 😀

    • February 29, 2016 at 5:17 pm

      Jasne! W marcu na pewno wybiorę się do Wiednia, bo już się zdążyłam stęsknić 🙂

      • March 1, 2016 at 10:49 am

        W połowie marca jadę do Polski 😀 Znając życie to pewnie się miniemy 🙂

        • March 1, 2016 at 11:20 am

          Właśnie tak też celowałam w środek miesiąca, jeszcze przed Wielkanocą, żeby załapać się na jarmarki, ale to dopiero takie luźne plany… Pewnie jak zawsze wyjdzie spontanicznie 🙂

  2. Arthur
    April 10, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    Your pictures are so clean and simple! I really liked your style, point of view and writings infact everything on your blog! Please keep writing. Cheers!

    • April 17, 2017 at 4:10 pm

      Thank you so much for your kind comment 🙂