1000 places to visit in Vienna

During my one year stay in Vienna I have discovered many beautiful places and took a lots of pictures. Now I want to show you everything that, in my opinion, is worth seeing in the 1000 places to visit in Vienna entries. Sometimes it will be well-known tourist attractions, sometimes not so obvious and popular sights, but no less interesting on the other hand. I hope you will find on my list some new places to discover or you will discover something new about the places you already know.  So, let’s go on a journey!


1. Vienna State Opera
Vienna State Opera looks stunning, isn’t it? Although there is a dark chapter in its history: two main architects of the Opera suffered tragic end. The building did not gain the popularity that it was supposed to have gotten during its establishment, so one architect kill himself and the other had a heart attack. Today Viennese are proud of their theatre which is considered one of the most important opera houses. It’s also famous for the annual Vienna Opera Ball.


Vienna State Opera seen from Albertinaplatz

2. Albertinaplatz

When you will be on a city walk in the 1st district don’t forget to visit Albrertinaplatz. There is a beautiful view from here on Vienna State Opera, Hotel Sacher and the streets of Innere Stadt. If you are going to take some night pictures of Vienna, it’s the perfect location!



3. Am Hof

Am Hof is the oldest and the biggest square of Vienna Innere Stadt. It was used for jousting tournaments and later became a market square. Nowadays the antiques market takes place there on the weekends from March to Christmas.


Am Hof

4. Radetzkybrücke

Everytime I walked Radetzkybrücke I was enchanted by the view of the Wien river and the Urania building on the other side. This small bridge you can see on the picture below is a part of metro linie U4 Heiligenstadt – Hütteldorf, so every 5 minutes you can see trains running above the river.


Wien river seen from Radetzkybrücke

5. Griechengasse

Griechengasse is my favourite street of Vienna. The interesting fact is that the oldest restaurant in Vienna, Griechenbeisl, is located here.



6. Kunst Haus Wien

During my stay in Vienna I have met some expats who were confusing Kunst Haus Wien with the Hundertwasserhaus. This two buildings are located in the same district and both are Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s works so sometimes it’s easy to get wrong, especially if you are tourist and it’s your first travel to Vienna. The easiest way to explain it is the Kunst Haus Wien is the museum of Hundertwasser and located 450 meters away there Hunderwasserhaus is actually an appartment house created by Hundertwasser.


Kunst Haus Wien

7. Sterngasse

Sterngasse in an another charming street of Vienna’s 1st district. Like most of the wonderful places I have found it… when I got lost. Sometimes it’s the best way to explore the new city.



8. Freyung

Located close to Am Hof, Freyung square is famous for city palaces located there like Palais Ferstel, Palais Harrach, Palais Kinsky… and the Austria-Brunnen fountain which represents four main rivers of the Habsburg Empire: Elbe, Danube, Vistula and Po, each watering in different seas – the North Sea, the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Adriatic Sea.



9. The Freyung Passage

The Freyung Passage is located inside the Palais Ferstel. The passage is lined with elegant and exclusive shops, while on the other side is world wide famous Cafe Central. What’s impressed me most is the central octagonal space and the Donaunixenbrunnen (Danube Mermaid Fountain) which stands there.


Palais Ferstel

10. Judenplatz

Judenplatz is my favourite square in Innere Stadt. Maybe it’s becouse it’s so quiet, so peaceful… And these amazing buildings that surround it! I discovered it when I was just walking around the Innere Stadt with my camera and got lost… as ussual when I find something really marvelous.



To Be Continued

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  2 comments for “1000 places to visit in Vienna

  1. February 13, 2016 at 9:30 pm

    Looks beautiful and I have never been to Vienna and hopefully soon. I heard great things about the city.

    • February 13, 2016 at 10:23 pm

      I have spent 1 year in Vienna and really miss this place. Even 1 year is not enough to see all of atracttions that the city offers itself. Vienna is definitely worth seeing 🙂