Spring in the Belverdere Gardens, Vienna

Sometimes I believe everything happens for a reason. There are ups and downs and without downs, the ups would mean nothing. Just like without long, dull and grey winter days we probably wouldn’t appreciate spring with all its colors and flavours.

That’s what I thought when I was walking in the Belvedere Botanical Garden looking at unbelievable beautiful violet crocuses and other spring flowers like snowdrops, primroses, anemones.


There was a feeling in the air of spring coming. The birds were singing, leaves unfolding on the trees and the grass was so bright green!


You cannot imagine how happy I was sitting on stairs of the Upper Belvedere Palace with the other people who came there, watching all this beauty with the lovely feeling of sun warming my face. I realised that I am the lucky one to be here, at this time and in this place. Me. In Vienna. The most livable city in the world!

Now I don’t live there anymore but the spring walk in the gardens of Belvedere Palace is one of those magical moments in my one year stay in Vienna I will never forget. And if you are in Vienna now or you are going to visit it at the end of February-March, I suggest you go to the Botanical Garden and see yourselves how the nature is coming to life.

The best way to reach the Upper Belvedere is tram line D which goes there from the center (stop Schloss Belvedere). You can also catch the 18 and O tram (stop Quartier Belvedere) or S-Bahn S1, S2, S3 (stop Quartier Belvedere). If you want to start your visit from the Lower Belvedere you can get there by tram 71 (stop Unteres Belvedere) or S-Bahn S1, S2, S3, S7 (stop Rennweg).

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