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Spring weekend in Ustroń, Poland

If someone asked me what time of year I like the most, I would definitely say spring! I love this time when the greenery is intense, the flowers bloom and after a cold winter, you can enjoy the long days and warm rays of the sun again. The most magical moment for me is when suddenly new leaves begin to… Read more

Łazienki Park in Warsaw, Poland

The Palace on the Isle, Warsaw - from travel blog: http://Epepa.eu

In Poland, they say ‘Cudze chwalicie, swego nie znacie’. It can be translated as ‘The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’ but the precise meaning of this proverb is that people rave about sights abroad while they are not familiar with their own country’s attractions. I must admit that even though I’m a Pole I know Vienna better than Warsaw… Read more

The Gliwice Palm House, a hidden gem in Poland

The Gliwice Palm House, the hidden gem in Poland

Have you ever tried to be a tourist in your own town? I know that sometimes it’s not easy, especially if you have spent most of your life in this place, but it’s still worth to try. I often write about Vienna, because I used to live in this city and to be honest it’s the place I left my… Read more

By the Polish seaside

Do you remember the first time when you saw the sea? I remember! I was maybe 5 years old or something like that and it was my first holidays by the seaside. First I walked through the pine forest and reach the sand dune, and then I saw… an infinity. There was only sand white like a flour, blue sky,… Read more

Winter in the Tatra Mountains

Have you ever heard about the Tatra Mountains? Located 2 hours drive from Kraków Tatras are the highest Polish mountains. Only one-quarter of the range belongs to Poland territory, the rest lies in Slovakia. The highest Polish peak is Mount Rysy, which rises to 2499 m. However, the most distinctive mountain is Giewont, which is known affectionately as the Sleeping Knight.… Read more