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Top 10 things to do in Rhodes Town, Greece

Rhodes Town - things to do and travel tips

As you probably already know, I do not like typical tourist resorts. Instead of spending time on a sun lounger or in a hotel pool, I prefer to visit authentic places and observe the everyday life of local people. Before going to Rhodes, I was wondering which town to choose as a base for exploring the island. Finally, I decided…

Lindos, the most beautiful town in Rhodes, Greece

Lindos, the most beautiful town on the island of Rhodes, Greece - from travel blog http://Epepa.eu

Beautiful architecture, wonderful beaches, and a unique atmosphere – that’s how I would describe my dream holiday destination. Lindos, a small town on the Greek island of Rhodes, has it all. Narrow streets, white Greek houses, shallow sea that delights with its blue color – all of this can be found in this wonderful Rhodian town. In the pictures, I…

Wandering around the Old Town of Rhodes, Greece

The Old Town - a must see attraction in Rhodes, Greece - from travel blog http://Epepa.eu

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you know very well that I do not like the crowds and typical tourist destinations that are full of all-inclusive hotels and sun loungers on the beach. Instead, I prefer to explore the local culture or enjoy the beautiful, wild landscapes. This time instead of spending time hiking and looking for…